Political & Regulatory Intelligence (Early Warning)

//Political & Regulatory Intelligence (Early Warning)
Political & Regulatory Intelligence (Early Warning) 2017-04-20T09:30:04+00:00

The basis of any successful advocacy campaign is high-quality, analytical, accurate and up-to-date political and regulatory intelligence. This means not only following and analysing media reports, but also intelligence gathering with individual officials, policy-makers and other relevant stakeholders. Whether your issue is large or small, or part of a wider advocacy campaign, Ridens has the experience to provide you with high-quality intelligence gathering services. We will also act as your early warning system to identify any potential threats which may have an adverse impact on your business operations.

Our services include:

  • Intelligence gathering and analysis
    • individual issues
    • policy areas
  • Easy to read reporting
    • ad hoc alerts
    • regular news briefs
  • Policy and Regulatory Audits
    • on specific issues or policy areas
    • indicating impact on your business
    • recommendations on strategy and action
    • evaluation of your existing strategies and operations

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