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European laws, regulations and technical standards are continuously subject to change and interpretation. We assist organisations and companies by advocating and lobbying on their behalf, on issues of importance to them, directly to the regulators and enforcement authorities. Our assistance is based on many decades of experience campaigning and lobbying on a variety of issues: trade, industrial affairs, e-commerce, direct and distance selling, consumer protection, and processes affecting the regulation of substances.

Our services include:

  • Intelligence gathering
    • collecting information and insight
    • analysis and advice
  • Policy papers – letters, position papers, scientific documents, other
    • collection of data
    • preparation of papers
    • advice on contents and presentation
    • distribution
  • Contact building with decision makers and influencers
    • developing contact building strategies
    • identification of individuals
    • setting up meetings
    • pre-briefs, debriefs
    • representation in Brussels
  • Media relations

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