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Trade associations and alliances are an effective way to represent you and your industry’s interest. As a trade association or alliance, your collective voice will not only carry much greater weight and have a stronger impact over the lobby of individual organisations, but also be more appealing to policy-makers. Ridens Public Affairs has a successful track record of setting-up, working with, rejuvenating, and managing trade associations and alliances in Brussels. We can assist and help you increase your organisation’s membership, navigate the various rules and regulations, and use our innovative thinking to give you as much added value and appeal as possible. Ridens will also provide all services to operate a successful trade association: from administration to advocacy.

Our services include:

  • Creation as a legal entity under Belgian law
  • Providing a legal address
  • Advice on strategy and organisation of trade associations
  • Management of dues and finances
  • Management of meetings
    • location
    • agendas and minutes
    • membership
  • Membership services
    • telephone service
    • accounts
    • meetings and reception
  • Development communications tools
    • website
    • brochures, stationary, etc.
    • media pack
  • Development advocacy
    • advice on strategy
    • intelligence gathering
    • advice on common positions
  • Representation
    • legal
    • lobby and advocacy

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