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The EU’s environmental and natural resource policy is arguably one of the most important and far-reaching areas of EU legislation. Under this competence the EU has passed legislation aimed at improving air quality, tackling noise and air pollution, setting standards and targets for waste, and regulating all chemical substances. As a result, economic operators have been under increasing pressure to comply with constantly changing regulations, complex technical standards, and targets to enable the EU economy to move towards a more competitive, secure and low carbon economy. The EU is also currently pushing for a stronger and more circular economy to ensure resource efficiency is maximised and this will have a significant impact on all economic operators inside and outside of Europe. 

Our consultants have an in-depth working knowledge of the EU’s environmental and natural resource policy frameworks, as well as experience advocating on a variety of issues: waste, resource efficiency, occupational exposure levels, raw materials, and processes affecting the regulation of substances (REACH). Additionally, on behalf of our clients we participate in high-level working groups and help educate policy-makers through our MEP Interest Groups. We are also actively involved in the current institutional negotiations on the circular economy, as well as actively pursuing the aim of ensuring that all decisions are based on the best available science. Our team is therefore able to offer you expert advice and help you stay abreast of the various developments in this sector. 

Our services include:

  • Counselling on regulatory issues; REACH, OELs, raw materials strategies, waste regulations, et al
  • Defining EU Public Affairs strategies; involving both European institutions as well as national bodies
  • Arranging meetings with decision makers at European and national level
  • Issue management
  • Consortium management
  • Representing clients before European institutions and bodies
  • Country fact sheets

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