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Technology has altered the way we conduct business, communicate with each another and is continuing to transform our public services, cities, industries and the world. As a global leader in technology and ICT regulation, and with a digital economy growing at an unprecedented rate, the EU has launched a number of initiatives to help boost the EU’s digital economy. These initiatives do not only affect EU-based ICT and data intensive companies, but also those international companies outside of Europe which operate in the EU. The EU is also looking to exploit the potential offered by the use of ICT and provide funding to operators working in intelligent transport, climate change and e-health.

Our consultants have experience advocating on a variety of ICT and technology related issues: geo-blocking, data protection, cross-border VAT, parcel delivery and on the Common European Sales Law (CESL), as well as on regulations and standards affecting e-commerce. Additionally, on behalf of our clients, we are actively involved in a number of stakeholder groups and committees. Our team is therefore well-equipped to provide you with the necessary support and advice and advocate on your behalf on issues of importance to help shape this fast moving policy field.

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